Friday, January 09, 2009

I have to embellish everything!!!

Sierra's birthday is next Tuesday...  and she is REALLY into monkey's! So I decided to make her a Sock Monkey for her present (well, one of them).
You remember Sock Monkey's don't you!

Well, of course, they have much cuter socks these days! LOL! So I told Sierra to pick out a pair of socks for Mommy to make a present for her.  She picked out some cute brown ones with polka dots, and then when I said, okay, Mommy is going to take these to make your present. She was like, wait... um, are they going to be socks??  I told her no, but it would be something she would like.  Then she tried to give me a ratty old pair of plain pink socks!
I finally convinced her to trust me, and I promised to buy her another pair of socks and she let me have the cute ones.
So I set off to make her Sock Monkey.  2 Hours later I finished!!

Even though the Monkey was brown with pink, purple, green, and blue polka dots... it still didn't look like a GIRL sock monkey.
So I busted out the SCRAPPY STUFF!!!
Some buttons for eyes, a fabric flower on her hat, and then I sewed a ribbon skirt!
Isn't she cute!
The colors are a little off, but the monkey is actually a dark brown!  So even though I've been in a scrap rut, at least I'm still crafting!


Jen said...

Awesome!!!! Love it!!!

ladynurse4 said...

that is adorabe.

cassie said...

this is so cute she will love it

Vicky said...

oh my but that's so cute!!!

Petra said...

Love it, you need to get the description online. Never seen sock monkeys before.

Suzanne said...

haha, very cute girl! love it! She will absolutely love it girl!

Scraptab said...

Too Cute!

Stephanie said...

Just blog hopping and came across yours. My husband wanted to comment that the monkey you made is awesome! He loves monkeys. He had a sock monkey as a kid. I think it's pretty darn cute too. :-)

I am enjoying looking at your crafts and scrapbooking. Good job!