Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have such wonderful FRIENDS!!!

Seriously, I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends... even though I may have not met most of them in real life, they are definitely counted as friends!

See this awesome lady (no, not the one on the right :wink wink:, the one on the left!)


This is my friend Betsie.  We have 'known' each other for umm... about three years online, and last summer I got to meet her when I visited family in Phoenix!!!

Of course we went to the scrappy convention that they had in Mesa, and had lunch - it was so nice to finally meet her in person!

Not only is she a great friend, but an awesome scrapper too!!!!

Look what she made for me just because she's THAT awesome!


I had commented on her blog awhile back because she made one of these for her niece.  My comment was something along the lines of  'you know how to spell my name, right -lol'

And didn't she do a marvelous job!!!!  Spelled right and everything :wink wink:

Thank you so much Betsie - this is way better than the Mojo book I made you - lol!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ScrapGoods Friends

This message is for anyone who was affiliated with ScrapGoods. We have started a new forum to keep connected and keep on swapping! Visit us over at Obsessed Scrappers Undivided to register for the board and gallery. We already have 70 members and counting, but we don't want any of our SG friends slipping through the cracks!

Friday, January 09, 2009

I have to embellish everything!!!

Sierra's birthday is next Tuesday...  and she is REALLY into monkey's! So I decided to make her a Sock Monkey for her present (well, one of them).
You remember Sock Monkey's don't you!

Well, of course, they have much cuter socks these days! LOL! So I told Sierra to pick out a pair of socks for Mommy to make a present for her.  She picked out some cute brown ones with polka dots, and then when I said, okay, Mommy is going to take these to make your present. She was like, wait... um, are they going to be socks??  I told her no, but it would be something she would like.  Then she tried to give me a ratty old pair of plain pink socks!
I finally convinced her to trust me, and I promised to buy her another pair of socks and she let me have the cute ones.
So I set off to make her Sock Monkey.  2 Hours later I finished!!

Even though the Monkey was brown with pink, purple, green, and blue polka dots... it still didn't look like a GIRL sock monkey.
So I busted out the SCRAPPY STUFF!!!
Some buttons for eyes, a fabric flower on her hat, and then I sewed a ribbon skirt!
Isn't she cute!
The colors are a little off, but the monkey is actually a dark brown!  So even though I've been in a scrap rut, at least I'm still crafting!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


In your 'My Pictures' find the sixth folder and post the sixth picture.

Here is Karis trying on her winter clothes - before it snowed! LOL!


Now I tag... ummm... whoever wants to do it - just post back here so I know!