Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally DONE!

With my last ScrapGoods DT layouts - sniff sniff!  And my Secret Sister's altered gift (well, one of them at least!)  Here are the goodies I've been working on :D

My DT layouts - this first one is a hot pink and teal/blue color.  But my camera doesn't like the light in my house, and we never have the sun up this time of year, so you'll have to deal with it! LOL!

Baby #4 profile pic - awwww.... I tried to make this gender neutral as they basically told us its either a boy or girl! LOL! Yep, really narrowed it down for us!

The girl's Santa picture this year a "Ho Ho's House" 

And here are a few of the things for my Secret Sister.  The SnowMan soup I totally copied from the owner of Back Porch Memories at her store in town.

And I saw these little houses on sale for 40 CENTS!!! at Michael's so of course I had to pick up a few!  And figure out what to do with them!

Now I just have to work on the rest of my Christmas Cards and some gift card holders and get them out next week!!! EEK! Only 12 days til Christmas!!!


Andrea Amu said...

Cute stuff, Aleta! I love that sweet gingerbread house.

Thanks so much for your nice comments on my last post! I appreciate that.

Did you register over at the new CreativeXpress forums yet? I hope you'll come join us... then I can also pm you my addy that you requested :) You can click on the link to the new forum from the old one. Hope to see you there!

ladynurse4 said...

very very nice lo of "new" baby pic. love how you used those colors, it does not look at all like Christmas paper. Miss talking with you more on the boards. How are things?

aurelei90 said...

so lovely

Scrappy said...

Ilove what you did with the kit! I have not used mine much.. The soup is too cute too!

Suzanne said...

Happy Holidays girl! Hope that little peanut is cooperating! love all the scrap goodies you have here! Hope all is well

Jen said...

I really love your work Aleta!! I think I've got my blog updated now with you on it!! Yay!!