Sunday, May 06, 2007

National Scrapbook Day Crop

Saturday was National Scrapbook Day. I 'attended' an online crop at ScrapGoods. It was only one day, but I was busy all day long! Here are the LOs I got done. Thanks for looking!

We had to gather inspiration from a card. Below is the card from Vanessarfox at ScrapGoods. She is our resident Card Queen. My LO is next.

This challenge was to use three of the techniques from past ScrapGoods kits. I used Mola (cutting and layering for the word GIRL in the title) Doodled on the flower and made a Journal Space with the covered chipboard. Ruby has really been trying my patience lately, so this was some 'scrap-therapy'. Journaling reads: This is Ruby right before she turned 2. Isn't she adorable? I must remind myself this on a daily basis now that she is well into her terrible twos! Pray she makes 3!

This was a sketch challenge. I had pictures from the Parade at Disneyland but they were so dark I couldn't get them to show up well on light paper, and dark paper really darkened them more. Then I got the idea for a dark background with white around the edges of the pictures to make them 'pop' They are still a little dark, but way better! Oh, and I had to upload by a deadline, and my printer was being slow and hadn't printed out 3 of the pictures yet. So now there are pictures all across the top and bottom.

This LO was to use a picture of ourself and do a LO about the days of our life. So here is my interpretation. I'm too lazy to write out the journaling... maybe you can read it.

This LO is for a challenge where we were supposed to find pictures that portrayed the words Dream, Sweet, Honest, Delight and Orange. Picture of Karis sleeping is Sweet Dream, pic of her Eating is Orange (face), and pic of her is Honest Delight. :-)

This LO is for a challenge where we could only use three things in addition to pictures and cardstock. The things were 2 pieces of patterned paper, 5 flowers (with any center), and a stamp or template. Patterned paper as base and matting around picture. made the 5 flowers into 4 by layering and used buttons for centers. And the stamp is the zig zag stitch at the bottom of the title. Title is Cassie and her Cluck Cluck written on maroon cardstock. Used green cardstock for flower stems. Pic of my sister Cassie and Ruby.